Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hump Day Hunks - Surfer Edition

It's Wednesday! Due to popular demand, Hump Day Hunks is back. My last post, starring my crush from the Vancouver Canucks, Mason Raymond, and team mate Alex Burrows, was thoroughly enjoyed so I'm making it a regular feature. Since I just got back from Hawaii, it's only fitting that today's edition will feature those gorgeous water gods otherwise known as surfers.

And what's not to love? I spied many a cute surfing instructors flexing their stuff on Hanalei Bay where I also just happen to be surfing.
Above: Cape Town entrepreneur, surfer and crowned South Africa's Most Irresistable Man, Dene Botha. Photo credit Bryon Klaumans.
Above: Quiksilver team member Jeremy Flores. He was born in Madagascar and raised on Reunion island. Photo from Quiksilver.
Above: Aussie Adrian "Ace" Buchan. Picture from Surfline.
Above: Aloha, Clay Marzo, of Maui. Picture from Quiksilver.

Above: Mahalo (thank you in Hawaiian) to the surf gods for this guy, Kai Sallas, yet another Hawaiian from Oahu.
Above: Of course, how can we leave you off, Mr. Kelly Slater? Even with no hair, you are still looking fine.

For you hockey girls and guys, the next edition will feature some of your favourite hotties from the Canucks (and others around the NHL - we like to share the love here). I'm also taking requests and tips for future Hunk Day Hunks so please let me know.

Top photo: Jeremy Flores, picture courtesy of Quiksilver.


Teresa said...

oh my!! hubba hubba. I paused quite awhile on the 1st pic ;-)
I've always heart Kelly Slater...I'll forgive him for dating Pamela Anderson

Robbie said...

Hi this is Liv's hubby - I am not approving of this week's post.

The Anthology said...

I'm off to go surfing now. Bye!


WendyB said...

LOL @ Robbie!

The Haute-Shopper said...

Whoa! What a drool-worthy post! I'm definitely liking this feature! And I think I need to start surfing...

Happy New Year! Glad you had such a great time in Hawaii and I can't wait to see more pics! HK was great, though I had forgotten how polluted it is and how things are no longer as cheap (I've been told it's because mainland Chinese throw money around like there's no tomorrow).

Oh, and did you try scuba diving during your vacation?

Livie said...

@Teresa - yes, I love Kelly b/c he also still rips it up out there after all these years. he is KING.

@Robbie - I heart u.

@Theanthology - hehe now you see why i love this sport

@wendyB - he is most sweet

@HauteShopper - will respond to you on your blog =D

Niki B. said...

I officially love Wednesdays!!!! I love the comment by Robbie. hahaha. too funny.

Dream Sequins said...

Meow. I was scrolling through and checked to see if the Mr. was glancing over at my screen... LOL. I don't think he would approve either. ;)

Erin said...

omg. KAI SALLAS. GORGEOUS. oh island boys. going to UH was definitely not a disappointment, believe me.

Raul said...

I completely approve of this week's post :)

nicole said...

OMG you want to know why I was so late on commenting on this? Because for some bizarre reason, I thought I already had!!! GEEZ what is with me these days? LOL I haven't been getting a lot of sleep so my bad!

ANY WAYYYY let's get on to the good stuff!!!

SIGH. You know what? Hump Day Hunks are still good on Fridays. TGIF and amen.

I have to move to South Africa now because of that gorgeous hunk of man. Wow Dene is HOT hahahaha to put it simply. I'm trying not to drool all over my MacBook but when he's half naked like that, oh good god...

I have a thing for the tall, dark, handsome types, just something to keep in mind for next Weds. ;)

nicole said...


Teresa said...

thought it was appropriate to add my list of suggestions for Hump Him Wednesdays ;-)

1) Swimmers / Divers
2) Chefs (ie Jamie Oliver)
3) Soccer players (request not to show Ronaldo though)
4) Techies/geeks/nerds