Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kauai Krush - Part 1

I gotta say, this first week back was tough. It's been just over a week since I got back from Kauai. I'm poring over my photos and remembering how easy it was to spring out of bed everyday to watch the Hawaiian sun rise. I think my Facebook status on the first morning said it all: "I woke up in paradise". (Please note this is going to be a long post...).

We started our trip with a few days on the south side of the island where we were to spend Christmas. The cottage that we rented did not fall short of expectations: it was an immaculate, dream beach house of white clapboard, rafter ceilings, and double french doors that let in the ocean breeze. We had every comfort of home and no detail was spared. We received a large box of chocolates on our bed upon arrival, and there were hand-made scented candles throughout the house to create a romantic atmosphere. An ipod docking station allowed us to blast Vampire Weekend, Jack Johnson, and Buena Vista Social Club throughout the day. There was a gourmet kitchen with every possible tool a chef would need. A separate laundry room overlooked the lush back garden and a view to the ocean. The garage was full of toys like mountain bikes and snorkeling gear for us to use.

Top picture: Picturesque Kiahuna beach in Poipu
Below: Our cottage bathed in the first light of day
Below: Vaulted ceilings and a dark dining table where I ate many meals
Below: Laundry is so much better with an ocean view
Our days consisted of a morning activity, a late lunch either made at home or takeout at a local hole-in-the-wall, a short siesta on the lanai (deck) to stay out of mid-day sun, and an afternoon activity. A late afternoon swim at nearby Kiahuna beach, right by the Sheraton Hotel, was a ritual. On most nights, hubby grilled delicious fresh fish (mahi mahi, ono, or ahi), chicken or steaks on the BBQ for dinner. We actually only ate dinner out twice (once when we first arrived late that night and once on Christmas eve) because we loved cooking at our cottage so much.

Below: A sanctuary to come home to
Below: Shells adorning our table
Below: The kiddies room, which remained empty of course during our stay
We made fresh OJ from the ripe oranges that came from the backyard tree. There were local avocados as large as half my head that came from the neighour's yard which we happily made into guacamole. After our lazy afternoon swims, we kept busy with eating crisps and drinking the local brew on the lanai while we watched the sun wane.
Below: Hubby foraging for sweet oranges
Below: The pale blue shade of our cottage exterior was very pretty
Below: That same gorgeous view from the laundry room, at sunset and with our neighbour up a ladder
We were smitten with this little dream cottage, and still pine for it...

Up next, highlights of our adventures in the south!


Anonymous said...
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Teresa said...

looks absolutely gorgeous and it does seem like a paradise. Home made fresh seafood/bbq dinners..yum. Glad you had fun there :) What an absolutely amazing way to spend Christmas

Etrapar said...

so beautiful ^.^

WendyB said...

Looks divine. Jealous!

adela said...

is that a roxy swimsuit i see?

the place you stayed at looks amazing!! it looks like the perfectest little place!

VancityAllie said...

Oh my goodness what a beautiful place! What a dream!

The vaulted ceilings, the shells, the colours... the white and the pale blue. Ugh! It's so cute it makes me sick! :)

Looks like you guys had an amazing time. I can't wait to see the other photos! Especially of your new year's experience! ;)

quelle said...

wow, so beautiful!! definitely paradise...