Monday, January 18, 2010

Is It Summer Yet?

How was your weekend, lovelies? Mine was good; lots of chilling out with a movie and take-in dinner (District 9 and sushi), dinner party at a friend's (yummy slow braised beef short ribs papparadelle), and coffee and crepes on Sunday.

I know I just got back from a beach holiday, but I'm already itching to go somewhere hot again. How can I not with all these sizzling hot resort styles tempting me? I've decided that 2010 is the year that I will get a real classic Brazilian bikini, and I've been enticed by some of the hot looks from Look Swimwear. Of course, I also love the Reef swimwear that makes your butt look so good. So, if you're going somewhere hot soon for a mid-winter break, I envy you.

While I was surfing for hot bikinis, Teresa from Senses and Style pointed me to Anna Kosturova, a local Vancouver swimwear designer. Her designs have been featured in Sports Illustrated and Lucky Magazine, and they are sexy yet classy. I wish I had known before I went to Kauai!

Above: Golden crochet cover-up by Anna Kosturova

This Marley bikini by Red Carter brings out my inner rasta girl. A turquoise and pink tunic by Anna Kosturova works as cover-up or a mini dress.

Below: Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent thong sandal and a demure white crochet cover-up by Anna Kosturova.

Loving the bright orange hue for this Marc by Marc Jacobs bandeau bikini and rounded aviators from Ray-Ban (orange is sold out boo!).

For sundown drinks, I might slip on this cotton jersey white tunic by Anna Kosturova as a little dress and carry this colourful hobo by Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent.

I don't care that I'm clashing patterns with this Aztec-inspired Mara Hoffman string bikini and Shoshanna psychedelic cover up.

With jewels like these, who needs accessories (other than arm candy)? Elizabeth and James Jewel Thong Sandal and Red Carter Jeweled Bikini (top sold out now - boo!).

Finally, watching the sun set is a breeze behind these oversized retro Chloe Tilia pink shades. Keep warm with this ombre wrap by Brette Sandler.

So, while everyone is thinking of the 2010 Winter Olympics, happening in my humble town in less than 4 weeks time, I've got beaches and bikinis on the brain.

Images courtesy of and Anna Kosturova.


Niki B. said...

oh wow, these are all gorgeous! Can it please be july already? And I love how you're thinking of summer already and you were just in hawaii! haha.

Dream Sequins said...

Ooh that ombre wrap is just GORGE. I am thinking about summer already. Will this winter grossness please disappear? Must be difficult to go back to cool weather after Hawaii, Liv! My husband is going to MIami on business and I'm SO JEALOUS. I need warm weather FAST. Argh!

lisa said...

I have to say I'm not a huge fan of summer dressing--give me cozy wool coats, tights, and beautiful leather boots over bikinis any day! But this rainy stormy weather we've had lately is making me look forward to spring more than ever.

The Haute-Shopper said...

I could do with a beach holiday right about now! Although I do love knits as well, so I'd settle for an additional 10 degrees for now. Those cover-ups are just as sexy as the bikinis! That jeweled bikini is my favorite... a shame the top's already sold out!

Oh, and I didn't buy much in HK this time. I just didn't see anything I had to have... a lot of the local brands have dipped in quality (i.e. there's no point in me getting acrylic knits knowing I'd freeze in them) or looked too much like Western branded stuff, in which case I might as well get the real thing over here (for half the price). It's all good though, once the Paris sales started two weeks ago, I bought enough to blow my entire season's budget ;-)

The Starving Stylist said...

You're currently like me. . .I'm dying for the chance to jet away tropical and warm right now. . .gahhhh. summer seems like eternity away! and I must say that they is a lot eye candy of guys on your blog. . .not too shabby there! haha

p.s. Feel free to enter the “Starving For Dior” contest on my blog!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Wow, the Kostoruva cover ups are gorgeous!

I feel the same - I got back from 3 weeks of warmth and can't adjust to cold again (and I've lived in cold weather for decades).

Teresa said...

You're going to look so smokin' surfing in any of those. Those bikinis do seem more appropriate in a tropical place like Hawaii, Bora Bora, or anywhere else in the Caribbean. Doesn't seem 'right' to waste that kind of sexiness sunbathing at English Bay.

Lilly said...

geeeee, thanks! i've been wanting to buy a really cute dress/cover-ups before and the Kosturova designs are awesome! it matches very well with my new brazilian bikini!! can't wait for the next summer vacation.