Sunday, April 12, 2009

Asia Food Bytes

The past week has been a food extravaganza here in Asia. It's been a real treat eating all my favorite foods as well as trying some new stuff. I've been spoiled with a wide variety of cuisines - from traditional Shanghainese noodles and dumplings to Asian Fusion to home-made Cantonese fare. I've also indulged in so much dessert and ice-cream that I think I can't eat another bite of sweets for at least a week!

I didn't take shots of all the good things I ate but here is a little photo recap to give you a taste. Some of my faves and/or most memorable meals are also listed below.

Above: my niece about to dig into her favorite dessert, souffle (or "softly" as she calls it).

We enjoyed Easter luncheon at the beautiful Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong today. Besides a selection of main courses, there was a buffet for starters, salads and dessert, as well as a pasta and prime roast carving station. Some of the delectable sweets featured below included a green tea tiramisu, mini hazelnut chocolate mousse dome, mini creme brulee, a variety of pannacotta served in shot glasses, strawberry cheesecake and an ice cream station. There was a lobster and white asparagus salad (served in a cocktail glass) which was also outstanding as an appetizer.

In Shanghai, we ate at an modern asian fusion place called T8. It's a pretty sexy and modern lounge and restaurant that serves lovely cocktails such as the Xintiandi Fizz that I ordered (gin, watermelon, strawberry and lychee juice and soda). The interior features black and red lacquered wood and cozy bench seating and low tables. I ordered the Duck, Three Ways, shown below.

My fave and/or most memorable food bytes:
  • the best xiao long bao (meat and soup stuffed dumplings) and dan dan noodles (noodles in a spicy peanut sauce) at Crystal Jade Restaurant, Shanghai. The dumplings had beautifully thin skin and was stuffed full of soup inside.
  • freshly made rice-rolls with extra sweet, sesame and spicy sauce from the market downstairs.
  • five course meal featuring the Shanghai hairy crab in every single dish, where the meat is completely shelled. Some varieties included steamed crab served with sweet and sour vinegar, stir-fried crab legs with asparagus, stir-fried crab with hand made noodles, and in soupy dumplings.
  • japanese soft serve ice cream on top of a sweet potato slice, served with red bean and dumplings on the side.
  • smoked tea duck, "lion's head" (pork and spices) meatball in a clear broth, and dumplings at Fortune Palace in Shanghai
  • extra thick toast with butter and condensed milk in a typical Hong Kong style cafe...yum!


theanthology said...


One day I will go and boy, will I eat.

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Love Crystal Jade!!!