Saturday, April 18, 2009

Daily Inspiration

Sorry about the lack of posts this week...I know some of you have been checking back in anticipation of my latest wares from my trip and I just haven't had time since I got back to sort out my picture and laundry.   Anyways, I will have some up tomorrow and hopefully the weather cooperates and I can get some nice shots outside.

Until then, here are a couple of other fashionistas I spotted on Lookbook (thanks to my friend Amber for the tip).  I'm in awe of how amazing the styling is from the peeps in this community, and how professional the shots look.  It's definitely inspired me to learn more about photography.

I love her Cheap Monday outfit, and her hair is amazing.

Her pink glasses are super cute, as are her tresses!  


quelle said...

so nice! (i recognize that cheap monday skirt from a previous post of mine!)

Anonymous said...

You would so rock that first outfit.

La Fée said...

aww the second girl looks adorable, I love her glasses!

Vincent Ng said...

The glasses are really cute. The whole ensemble has that geek chique to it in a certain way.