Thursday, April 30, 2009

Peaches and Cream

Today felt like Summer and there's nothing like biting into a sweet, ripe peach plucked from the orchards of the Okanagan.  I love grilled peaches, tossed with feta in a salad or with velvety vanilla ice-cream.  And the colours of this dress are just as sweet.  Silky, burnt peach on top, Devonshire cream on the bottom.  Paired with candy pink kitten heels.

In the photo, I realized my heels were sinking into the grass, so I did a little hop and skip which resulted in these action shots.

Dress and shoes from Florence Hill in Central, Hong Kong.  


quelle said...

so pretty <3

LaMimi said...

I love a bubble skirt and yours look absolutely lovely on you:)


Livie said...

thanks ladies - I am v. in love with this dress at the moment.

Kelsey said...

The way you described it sounds so delicious!