Friday, July 31, 2009

A Beautiful Long Weekend

I almost named this post Happy Happy Long Weekend but then I realized it sounded like a Cantonese nail salon or dim sum place.

It's going to be hot and gorgeous long weekend, and I'm thinking of hitting up the beach. I got a new bikini, flip flops and a Billabong rashi all on sale, and I'm soo wishing I was surfing somewhere in the world.
Speaking of, I want to check out this art exhibition and surf movie, Dear & Yonder. The trailer looks beautiful and I love that it's all surfer girls! The exhibition is coming to Vancouver next Thursday, Aug. 6 at Antisocial.

Images credits: Dear & Yonder (photographers John Smart and tmc)


The Anthology said...

You know, I haven't been to the beach in Vancouver yet this summer. You've reminded me that I need to go.

Those photos are so beautiful!

Dream Sequins said...

This is so gorgeous. Absolutely.

Haute World said...

Gorgeous pics. Hope you had a fabulous extended weekend! I'm a failure when it comes to surfing, but I can only imagine how relaxing and exhilerating that must be at the same time!

La Mimi said...

Lucky you guys in Vancouver! You got a perfect summer:) hehe meanwhile here in Toronto it rained the whole time:)


paanie said...

oh, i wish i could surf!

VancityAllie said...

Did you like the surf movie?!??!! I really wanted to go but had other commitments that night :(

Was it good?

I'm sure you'll be back surfing in the water soon :)

Livie said...

Surf movie was great - if you get a chance to see it go check it out. i didn't take any pictures but it turned out to be a big alley party with a BBQ, drinks and a band played for a while before they rolled the movie on a projector screen. Very cool vibe.

The movie featured some kick ass females, and not just as surfers, but as truly classy women, so check it out if you can.