Thursday, July 30, 2009

Riddle Me This

My mom and niece are visiting from Hong Kong and I've been busy catering to them and hanging out with a 6-year old. So far, we've been to a local farmer's market and the dog beach, and tomorrow I'll be taking her to a ceramics studio to paint plates. Along with a rugrat, Mom brought back a very plush gift.
The pretty shade of pink is perforated in neat rows, and an iconic ceramic horse in mid canter strikes a pose.
Can you tell me whose creation this is?

Ruffled tulle and pearl beater tank, from Hong Kong
Boyfriend jacket, from Hong Kong
Cropped satin pants, from Shanghai
Patent Oxfords, Michael Kors
Oversized pink leather hobo, ?


The Anthology said...

All I have to say is: those photos are really something.

Livie said...

*wink* yes, they truly are - I am so lucky to have such a VERY talented photographer friend =D

Haute World said...

Hope you're having fun with your niece and mom! As nice as it is to have people visiting, I know how much hard work that is as well. Gorgeous bag by the way! The logo reminds me of the Longchamp logo, but I think they also have someone on the horse, so not sure. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

the bag is gorgeous. i love the color. i also heard that sense and sensibility is another good austen book. i read emma for school and i didn't like it at all. the movie was even worse.

Livie said...

@Haute-Shopper - yes it's been fun and we've had gorgeous, hot weather to boot. Ah..Longchamp. Good guess but that's not it!

@MissRed - yes, i LOVE the Sense and Sensability movie with Hugh Grant. I didn't mind Emma but the movie with Gwyneth Paltrow bugged me.

Any others?

Larissa said...

Mom has good taste! Love the bag...

VancityAllie said...

I have no idea! What's the mystery bag? :)