Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Second Chance

Some things in life deserve another look, a second chance. Kind of like Ed on The Bachelorette?

Or better yet, like this stunning green and red necklace dripping with Swarovski crystals that my mom gave me. I thought it unusual, and never wore it until last week when I dug it out of the bottom pit of my night table. My white embellished tank needed some colour, and now I've had a change of heart.
Or, my ZERO mini cardigan (which some of you have asked to see in a related post), hand-knitted by my grandma when I was 17 because I saw Gwen Stefani perform at MuchMusic and she had a vintage one that said ANAHEIM on the back. I go through phases where I'll wear it all the time, then put it away, only to rediscover it again.
Finally, there's my "slither" necklace, so called because the way the gold is linked reminds me of snakeskin. My mom gave it up, cause it's not her type of thing. For me, I'll gladly it give a second chance.
What treasures do you have that you've given a second chance?


The Anthology said...

Does pilfering clothes from my husband's closet count?

Or stealing my sister's shoes?

Or what about a pair of silk pants from Paris that I've only worn once in the five years I've owned them? I really need to give them a second chance.

Kelly said...

great accessories. i love the cardigan! (i should take up knitting.)

i'm sure if i dug into the recesses of my closet i could find things to that deserve a second chance.

MizzJ said...

That ruffled top is so cute! I totally know what you mean, it's like finding hidden treasures that are right under your nose.