Saturday, July 4, 2009

Life is Good

I'm chilling at a TuffBeans in Tofino, enjoying their wireless as my cottage doesn't actually have wireless as advertised (boo). Hence the reason for no posts the last few days.

My feet are brown from the sun, and I can't seem to wash the sand out of my ears. I've been blessed with sunny weather, and I can't remember feeling so much like I'm on a foreign holiday ever in Tofino. I like this.

Hubby and I have been doing quite a bit of surfing, and mostly eating and chilling. We had a nice lunch at one of my fave spots, the Botanical Gardens. Darwin's Cafe serves really fresh and simple food with an emphasis on herbs plucked right out of their garden. The Botanical Gardens is a slice of eccentricity in this hippie town - 12 acres of brambling gardens, forest and shorelines accented with sculptures.

Modeling a DIY deconstructed t-shirt below after lunch at Darwin's. The shirt is actually something quite symbolic to me - it's part of the Raise Your Hand campaign, a project that I've worked on for 3 years. Sponsored by WorkSafeBC, Raise Your Hand raises awareness about young worker safety - you can read more about the campaign here or check out the website and make a button to show your support.

I basically cut the shirt in the front and back, cut up the sleeves, and cut out the collar. Then, I stretched out the slits for a distressed look. There's lots of great videos on youtube about t-shirt deconstruction, and I'll share some in upcoming posts.

I also found a very cool shop in Tofino that sells tees and hoodies made out of bamboo and cotton blends. it's incredibly soft! i picked up this purple hooded top with pointed sleeves.

I'm really excited for tomorrow as I'll be joining in a surf yoga session by Eoin Finn. Then, it's another afternoon of surf and a seafood BBQ to end the day.


Kelly said...

awesome hoodie! good job on the deconstruction of the tee! and i have those same incredibly comfy reef sandals. :)

VancityAllie said...

Curse my head injury! I wish I could be surfing in Tofino right now as planned and could've met up with you! Sorry about that!

I'm so jealous. I'd give anything to be in the water right now.

Tuff Beans is great, have you tried their breakfast?

Don't forget to try the Halibut and Chips at the Wildside Grill. And make sure you get a mint and lime slushie from the Cantina cart in the same plaza.

Love the hoodie! Looks great on you :)

Livie said...

@quelle - thanx i can totally see you in a completely wrecked up black tee. it would suit you!

@allie - mmm yummy wildside grill. i had the pork carnitas two days ago. will be heading back tomorrow maybe try the fish and chips. haven't tried the tuff beans brekkie but have been eating their sweets - eating a nanaimo bar right now...

ah life is good. i was so relaxed when i published the post that i actually forgot to write a title.

The Anthology said...

I have wanted to go to Tofino for years and years and years. Looks like you're having the best time ever. Can't wait to see you when you're back!