Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Opening Ceremony Collab - Part 2

Quirky Chloë Sevigny has done some cool work with Opening Ceremony in the past, and she continues to do so with her Fall 2009 line. Fun proportions, oddball clashing prints, and hipper-than-thou cuts make this collection stand out amongst the sea of designer collabs. It's also a kind of "girls-can-be-boys-can-be-girls" collection - Sevigny purposely created a unisex line making it easy for all to share. With the neverending "boyfriend" trend (jeans, jackets, sweaters). this is more than timely.

Sevigny takes style tidbits from a variety of places and people, or as she puts it, "from skinheads to Connecticut kids to St. Mark's Place". As a result, the overall look is mismatched, vintagey, and a bit disheveled. A sort of "look what I found from my grandpa/grandma's leather trunk in the attic" feel that's not too try-hard.

There's also wonderful shoes in this collection - I absolutely love the wedge strapped buckle boots. Classic pointy oxfords and saddle shoes round out the old-school, preppy look.

All images (except buckled wedge boot) are from Style.com
Wedge boot is available at Shopbop.com


Kelly said...

i find this line actually more cohesive than her previous collab and i love all the shoes in this collection. (i also wish i could wear strappy wedge boots like those without looking tres stumpy.)

Livie said...

@quelle - yeah totally dig all the shoes. I think for those kinds of strappy wedge boots you really have to try them on in person to see how they look. Maybe with slim black leggings small gals like us won't look as stumpy - it might help create a cleaner line

Haute World said...

Great looks. I think the beauty is that these pieces can be edgy but are very versatile so you can style them to be casual or more sophisticated. I've seen a few bloggers with those shoes now. They're pretty cool, but I've been told you actuallyl have to buckle and unbuckle every single strap. As much as I love shoes, I don't think I'd have to patience for that ;-)

Livie said...

@haute-shopper - yikes you have to buckle and unbuckle? they should have a back zipper.

One other criticism i have heard is although the design is great, the materials are not.

The Anthology said...

I loooove Chloe. Find her so, so inspiring because she's so fearless with her style.

The whole mis-matched thing is so difficult to pull off, but she does it beautifully.