Sunday, July 19, 2009

Two-Wheel Love Affair

Now that hubby's got a fixie, I have been looking around to possibly add another bicycle to the roster. I'm totally smitten with this 1930's vintage-style Path Racer model from Pashley Cycles but the frame is too big and not to mention, the price tag is hefty. Hubby says he'll try to build me a custom one from a vintage frame.

With the great summer weather, we're cycling everywhere and loving it. On Friday night, we cycled to The Reef restaurant which serves up Caribbean-style jerk chicken with a side of freshly DJ'd tunes. It got a little dark by the time we were done, but there was something so exhilarating and child-like about biking home at dusk.

I found the below video on cycling culture in Copenhagen, Denmark. This is what I hope to be doing in about a year's time, when hubby and I head to Europe.


Kelly said...

ooh you're right about biking home at dusk... i remember those pre-highschool summer evenings of biking with friends and rushing home before it got dark.

hope you get your dream bike soon!

The Anthology said...

Would love to go cycling in Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Have never been to either city, but there's nothing better than seeing a city on a bike. You get a completely different taste for it than you do on foot. And you look so gosh-darned cute while doing it.

Haute World said...

I'm not the biggest fan of biking (would love to do it, but I get distracted to easily and lose my balance). I lived in Amsterdam for 2 years, and it's almost scary to see the amount of bikers daily - it's the one and only place I actually witnessed a bike traffic jam. I was in Copenhagen 3 years ago but never noticed the bikes strangely! It's a gorgeous city though!

I definitely applaud you and your hubby for cycling though. So much eco-friendlier than driving everywhere and you get to see so much more!

VancityAllie said...

Personally I'm not a big biker but that is a very fabulous bike :) Too bad most bikes get stolen in Vancouver :(

I LOVE the Reef restaurant! Their ribs are soo good there! Not to mention those delish cornbreads!