Thursday, July 23, 2009

How She Harems

Taline, Communications Student at Concordia University, is our lovely style hottie of the week. I once posed the question of to harem or not to harem, and in Taline's case, the answer is a resounding YES. Paired with exotic market sandals and stacks of silver jewelry, she epitomizes global boho chic.

Who influences your style? What inspires you?
I try to incorporate my love for the beach and the lifestyle that it entails, when I am dressing. I want my clothes to embody my mantra,"Just Living the Dream". I mix together a lot of different patterns, materials and styles. My ultimate style goal is to exude lightness, freshness and freedom through my clothes. I really like the "exotic, hippie, bohemian" look. I love Nicole Richie's style and she has been someone who I have kept my eye on and has definitely inspired my style choices.
Most-Wanted item for the Summer?
My most wanted item for summer are those long dresses that go down to your ankles (A Beautiful Life says, kind of like one of these?). A flowy earth coloured one, preferably a tube top.

Heels or Flats?
Flats during the day, heels at night, for my style and lifestyle, I feel as though heels are too fancy/uncomfortable during the daytime.

Essential items for your summer trip to Lebanon?
Bathing suit, a few summer dresses

Best style advice for my readers?
Wear what makes you feel comfortable and sexy. Follow your instincts and you'll find a style which makes you feel great;therefore, you will look great.

Taline is wearing:
Tube Top, American Apparel dress converted into top
Harem pants, True Value Vintage
Sunglasses, Ray-Bans
Jewelry, Native ring (by Native designer, name unknown); Silver Bangles from an African jewelry store in Montreal; Silver Charm bracelet, grad present from my high school
Sandles, Miss Sixty from Browns


VancityAllie said...

She's super stylish!

I could NEVER, EVER pull off the harem pant look with my body, but I'm always amazed when people do!

Most-Wanted Item for the Summer: A breezy summer dress! Not ankle length though :)

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The Anthology said...

Holy gorgeousness! Such cute photos.