Saturday, August 8, 2009

Design Poetics

"It is a glass for drinking a lot"

Japanese design is simplicity in perfection. Created by Kyouei Design of Shizuoka City in Japan, this prototype glass uses air pressure to keep your wine glass filled to a perfect amount every time you tilt and sip. Not only functional, but a piece of art filled and unfilled.

I'm crazy about Kyouei because their work doesn't just take the approach of form follows function. I see the designs as a result of when the mind and heart meld and each object they've created, although always aesthetically and functionally pleasing, seem to touch the soul.

Like this light-hearted but very practical umbrella stand pot. Using the rainwater caught, a small plant is nourished and a little piece of nature is brought inside.
Or how about creating "a landscape on your very own table"? Using the Topography plate, broth turns into a lake, and veggies turn into your own magical woods.
If you like wearing your art on your sleeves, you might also love their handcrafted t-shirts. Each are custom made by distressing and glossing over with different types of resin.
All photos courtesy of Kyouei Design.


Dream Sequins said...

I don't really understand the wine decanter slash glass thing. There's nothing I enjoy more than pouring myself another glass... This would deprive you of the sensory pleasure... The umbrella stand is really neat, though!

MizzJ said...

What neat designs! I love it when art meets functionality.

VancityAllie said...

That wine glass and umbrella stand are GENIUS!

So very cool. I'd love to purchase that umbrella stand. Fabulous idea.

Very cool post.

The Anthology said...

How cool!

I want that umbrella stand! In our little city that plant would live the happiest, healthiest life.

The Haute-Shopper said...

These are terrific! What a fab idea - I think the wine glass thing would probably look a bit awkward on a table, but it's a neat concept. Love the umbrella and the broth/veggie plate. The latter would probably be great for kids as well, if they hate eating healthy food ;-)