Sunday, August 23, 2009

In Bloom

I couldn't resist stopping by this local community garden near my house on my way to the Sunday Market. The sunflowers are at their height of gorgessity in full bloom; there was one with such a big smiling face that it must measure wider than my head. And certainly much taller than little ole me with their strong green stalks, climbing high towards the sun. I only noticed afterward that my granny-style bolero had multi-coloured sunflowers all over too.

My garden has fared very well this year, and I'm so happy the violet hydrangeas came back after a hard winter.
I believe this is a hibiscus, another one of my favorite flowers along with orchids, plumerias and lillies.
Red and white petunias in my flower boxes, which nestle alongside some leafy foliage. In another box, I have sweet peas which are now blooming.
I also planted baby cherry tomatoes for the first time, three pots of them on my south facing patio. They've provided a steady harvest which I've put to good use in salads, pastas and on the grill. My favourite way to use them is in this simple Jamie Oliver summer pasta recipe - the "sauce" doesn't require any cooking. The heat of the pasta gently wilts the tomatoes, just enough to release their bursts of flavour.
Being an earth-child Taurus, I can't help but to love my garden. What are some of your favourite flowers in the garden?

Turquoise Sun Dress, Guess
Crochet Bolero, from Hong Kong
Orange Sequined Belt, Abercrombie and Fitch
Oversized Floral Beach Bag, from Fine Finds
Puka Necklace, from "Cheapie Cheapie George" at Cabarete Beach, Dominican Republic


MizzJ said...

Plumerias and orchids are two of my fav flowers too! The scent of plumerias are just intoxicating aren't they.

The Haute-Shopper said...

Gorgeous flowers... and I love the bolero! As you may remember I'm a Taurus too, but for some reason I wasn't born with a green thumb... plants just die on me... sigh. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it one day - I'd love to have a garden and grown my own flowers, herbs and plants!

Mr. T said...

Nice garden! Our condo doesn't allow me to have much of a "garden". We do have a few herb plants to give me some fresh things for the kitchen, but that's about it.

Love the summery dress too, very pretty!

The Anthology said...

You are not going to believe this -- I have the same belt. The exact. same. belt.

Love it!

You look adorable. And you've inspired me to cook a little something something for once in my life.

* Kelsey

aprrrrl said...

this bugs me for some reason. as i am a taurus and yet i can't step outside and bring myself to take care of the plants. and i feel bad. same with tha haute-shopper, maybe someday.

and very fun outfit :)

great blog you have here!

VancityAllie said...

You are very much in bloom yourself :)

Your flowers look lovely. I love cherry tomatoes too!

All my plants and planters are at my parent's house right now :( I'm hoping to get them back to our apartment when we get our patio furniture and reclaim our patio :)

Love the garden!

BTW that recipe looks good...