Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wounded Knee

There's usually not much good that comes out of putting a pavement rash on your knee, especially when you've fallen off your hot new bicycle. The little pink machine and I went for a nice ride on Saturday, and everything was going stellar until, well, I wiped out on a sharp corner coming down a big hill. It was quite silly really, but lucky for me, nothing more than a bad skinning.

To turn a bad into a good, I decided to do some consolation shopping at Vincent Park, a local boutique which coincidentally was having a sale. With my bandaged up knee, I hobbled up the narrow staircase in search of goodies.

I picked up this pretty pink floral skirt, 2 pairs of skinny jeans for $70, and a shirt for hubby. That and eating an ice-cream sandwich helped make the pain go away.
Due to popular request, I have paired the outfit with my paint splattered purse that people love or loathe. You decide.
Silk button-up sleeveless shirt, Sisley
High-waisted floral skirt, MYNE Ashley Ann from Vincent Park
Brown cropped jacket, Miss Lau, from Hong Kong
Equestrian belt, Urban Outfitters
Wedges, DKNY
Paint splattered purse, from Toronto
White bone necklace, Simply Sublime


Mr. T said...

Sorry to hear about the knee.

I really like the belt as part of the outfit. It makes it stand out. As does the bag, which is really awesome with the paint splatter, I think.

caroLove said...

I like your bike!
I actually have a post on bikes in my blogs I made it yesterday.
great $70 deal!

xoxo anna

Larissa said...

Love the belt and skirt combo! so bright and (end) of summery!

The Haute-Shopper said...

That's such an adorable skirt and love the belt as well! I think the paint-spattered bag is cute actually... I think it has a playful vibe.

Hope your knee is ok. It's one reason I don't always like biking - I'm such a clutz on them. I once fell (this was still in HK) cycling down a slope and crashed on some rocks. My entire left part of the body was blue... ugh. Anyway, have a lovely weekend!

Amanda K said...

I really like the Paint splattered purse!

Dream Sequins said...

Ooh I like the paint-splattered purse! Sorry to hear about your bike accident...

quelle said...

um, i think the purse is awesome! can't understand why people hate it. haha
glad retail therapy helped with your knee!