Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fall Picks Part 1 - Motomania

We're two days away from September - can you believe it? As sad as that is, I am excited about putting away the flip flops and slips and trading it for boots, leather, and layered scarves.

By reader request, I present to you part 1 of 4 posts with my fave fall 2009 trends. The first: Motomania.

Biker chic for means plenty of leather (jackets, shorts, pants, skirt etc.), zippers and studded everything, destroyed and skinny jeans, and lots of boots (take your pic: flat, spiked, ankle, cut-out). Although hard-edged, this is a more feminine and luxe motorcycle look that has plenty of sexy pieces which cling to the female body.

Immediately Above: Preen Shrunken Leather Biker Jacket and Frye Engineer Boot
Opening picture: Vintage leather shorts from Rock Paper Vintage

I wasn't sure about the whole harness trend until I saw the below one from Norwegian Wood - paired with the blouse, it's a lot more tamed.

Above: Norwegian Wood Punk Ballerina Leather Harness from Shrimpton Couture and BE+D Garbo Tote

I've been looking for a bustier for a while now, and this one is definitely on the wild side. I'd love to pair that with a slouchy blazer.

Above: Kettle Black Studded Bustier and Luxury Rebel Kelsey Open-Toe Booties

I had to include this Diesel helmet because it's actually damn sexy. I'd so wear it with the leather shorts.

Since Alexander Wang single-handedly brought back zippers and the buckled boot, I've included pieces below from his inspiration. And he'll do it again with my next Fall Pick.

Will you rock any of these looks for Fall 2009?

Above: Preen Line Stretch Miniskirt and Alexander Wang Buckled Booties
Images courtesy of Shop Bop, Net-a-Porter, Shrimpton Couture, and Diesel.


BLOGTROT said...

Biker boots have got to be some of the most stylish out there...

nicole said...

lovelovelove the biker chic trend! esp when you can give delicate girly pieces an edge with biker boots or a studded belt - it's so hot.

i've seen body chains that aren't as crazy as harnesses, but i do like the one you've posted, it kind of gives off this equestrian vibe, but that might just be me :P

that bag, the bustier and peep toe booties are all to die for. i actually saw an ebay auction for a very similar studded bustier, but there was a crazy bidding war for it, so i decided not to take part in something i was sure to lose lol.

great post, looking forward to the rest of your 4-part series! and thanks again for your comment, you're awesome :)

Dream Sequins said...

I think I will definitely do the moto trend in either a boot or a skirt.... Wearing it from head to toe would be a bit much! :) Love that studded bustier, though. Wish I had the guts to pull that one off.

La Couturier said...

Oh my goodness the studded bustier is seriously has me head over heels in lust!

La C.

Livie said...

@blogtrot - totally - i spied some at the van dusen old motorbike show back in may on some old men and was lusting after them..the boots I mean

@nicole - yes i love the idea too of mixing it up or else it's too too much.

@dreamsequins - haha yeah head to toe might make one look more like a washed up rock n roller, harley style. yuck!

@lacouturier - yes and i'm sure any boy that spies us in that will also fall head over heels...

VancityAllie said...

YAY! You listened :) Thanks so much for doing this series!

I'm really excited about picking up a sexy leather jacket. I know it's probably the most 'tame' of the motomania trend, but I'm not too adventurous as you know ;)

That bustier is super awesome. I could see you wearing that!