Sunday, August 16, 2009

This is the beginning

...of a wonderful love affair. I finally got my own, custom built, vintage single-speed bicycle! When I saw the ad in Craigslist, this bike was looking a little worse for wear, and I was definitely not sure about the magenta pink frame. After some surgery courtesy of hubby, she's all cleaned up and down to a single speed.
My bicycle in surgery.

This bike is really something special; it's made in Japan (mostly hand crafted) by a company called Miyata. In its former life, it was a road race bike with 7 speeds and powder-coated in "Precious Purple" (I just love that name). Since its creation in '93, the colour has faded to a distinct pink.
Hubby sawed the Italian racing handlebars into bullhorns and I picked out a neon yellow tape for the handlebars. I'm thinking of picking up some colourful tube pads for more flavour - maybe a yellow and black or pink and black checkered one like these from Yancopads.
This bike is all the more special to me because of how difficult it was to find a small road bike frame. Also hubby's own handywork means lots of tender loving care went into it.
I coincidentally have a pink Bern helmet as well so I'm going to be pretty decked out and girly with my new bike.

Black Jumpsuit, Industry from Fine Finds
Neon Pink Flip Flops, Volcom
Black Cuff Watch, Fossil
Neon Pink Belt, gift from my sister-in-law


Melissa said...

LOVE your 自転車. The pink is beautiful!

The Haute-Shopper said...

I kinda love the fact that you matched your flip flops and belt to the color of the frame :) Lovely bike! I'm not much a bike person myself (I think the two of us know that HK isn't exactly a place you can easily bike ;-) but I really want to start again. Hubby really got into race biking at one point, but I think I'll go the quiet biking in a park route...

The Anthology said...


I can't believe he remade that bike. That's gotta be the most hardcore DIY there is. And obviously I love your colour coordination.

Toothfairynotes said...
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Toothfairynotes said...

Nice, love the pink! haha!


Larissa said...

I love pink, the bike is so cute!

Livie said...

@melissa - hee i think that is chinese but I can't read it completely

@haute-shopper - yeah HK is not too bike friendly but apparently there's a huge underground fixie/single speed culture there. You should totally get into biking with your hubby - it's so much fun!

@TheAnthology - ha thanks, my hubby's pretty hardcore.

@toothfairynotes - aw thanks, I'm glad more people like the pink than not!

@Larissa - thx! i can't wait to ride it to the office.

MizzJ said...

Aw you and your bike are so perfectly coordinate and cute!

quelle said...

the pink is so cool! i love the colour coordination too!

VancityAllie said...

Awwwwwww! What a fantastic bike! It really suits you.

It's so special and unique, especially since it's been customized and it's from Japan.

Very very cool, and very very you.

So girlie :)