Monday, August 31, 2009

I was always a long-haired girl...

..till yesterday when I decided to cut my mid-back length locks into this asymmetrical bob. I thought there was going to be a lot more anxiety and maybe tears but surprisingly, I was really ready. I've had some horrendous hair mishaps in the past, and very bad luck involving stylists (my hair person bailed on me on my wedding day, because he supposedly missed his flight from Vegas that morning - wtf was he doing in VEGAS on the morning of my big day?).

Fortunately, Simon at Masterpiece Hair is a Jedi with shears. Alas, no tears.

A while ago, I was tagged by The Anthology with the Stylish Blogger Award, and HauteWorld kindly reminded me I didn't list out my ten things that make my unique style. So, here we go:

1. I always take cut and proportion into consideration - being pint sized means I follow some rules that elongate and flatter. Hello micro-minis!

2. I'm never afraid to be who I am and wear what I want, when and where I want it.

3. I am a style chameleon, able to mix and match according to my mood. I can go preppy to punk to pretty on the same day.

4. If something looks "nice", it's not good enough. Nice is over-rated.

5. I will splurge on luxurious handbags, because there's nothing better than a buttery soft, high quality bag...

6. ...except for posh shoes. You can't have too many pairs.

7. I am not much for costume jewelry, as I prefer very special signature pieces. These are usually custom made (designed by me), or purchased somewhere in the world on one of my trips, or poached from mom. It helps that my uncle is a jeweler, and my mom's collection is probably worth more than my house.

8. I have an obsession with leather - I love the smell of it when I clean my saddle, tack and riding boots, and I love how well-worn leather feels.

9. I actually wear glasses most days to work - in fact I have about 4 pairs of them!

10. A pair of good boots and sunglasses instantly upgrades anything I'm wearing.

Sorry about the terrible quality of these pictures - I'll fix that shortly but I wanted to get some pics up soon since my friends and readers have been asking.


Anonymous said...

LIVIE!!! i absolutely adore your new haircut--looks soooo good :)


Livie said...

Max - thanks!! glad you like it. hope you had a good weekend =D

caroLove said...

great hair cut! and so glad you are happy with it especially after your bad experience.

xoxo anna

Dream Sequins said...

I'm a style chameleon, too.

And OMG you look so HOT with an assymetric bob! You're making me want one. SO BAD.

Linka said...

I like that: Nice is overrated!! lol and I love your hair cut!!!

The Haute-Shopper said...

Ok, so I did have to comment on this as well...

Thank you for completing the tag ;-) Loved reading your answers! I'm with you on everything, the handbags, the shoes. Also the jewelry... my mom worked for one of those big fancy jewelry chains in HK and was always giving me the low-down on how to spot a good diamond etc. My poor dad also always ended up having to buy stuff she had seen at work... haha. Also with you on the style chameleon. But I'd honestly find it boring to just have one look.